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About a million years ago, I used to go to Seneca Rocks to boulder and top rope with friends. I never was able to screw up my courage and climb the big boy, but then again, I was never that good to begin with. Still, it is one of the prettier spots in the area and I always try to stop and take a gander...

The big view

Cross a little creek to a fun dirt road...

I like this view a lot...

After enjoying all the scenery, I pulled across the road to fill my camelback up and grab a chocolate bar. For whatever reason, everyone I met was fairly grumpy. These two riders on Harley's stepped over to check out my Garmin, but when I said hello, they just glared at me and went into the store...sheesh!

When I went into the store, the lady behind the counter just walked away when I asked her if she was having a nice day. Apparantly, I was wearing some sort of "be an asshole to me" sign. Hmmm...maybe she needs a motorcycle and a day off....

I filled the bladder, ate my bar and beat it for parts further west. My new destination was now Davis West Virginia and a kick ass lunch. No way these grumpy people are going to rain on my day off!!!

Up and over the Eastern Coninental Divide (I crossed the divide something like four times in all this day)...

It is not as tall as the one further west, but full of some beautiful views for sure! I think this was High Germany Valley...

Next stop Canaan Valley Rd!
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