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It was a nice break at Sirianni's Pizza. I had an Italian sub and some fries which I washed down with some cold ice tea. After an hour break, I headed up the road to Thomas to refill the 990 (they only had 10 percent ethanol...ugh) and my camelback. After paying for the fuel and drinks, I came outside and found a guy ogling the 990. We got to chatting a bit about riding. Seems he owns a GS and was really interested in the 990 as he had never seen one in person. He really liked how narrow the bike was and told me he saw me flying down Canaan Loop Rd earlier like a bat out of hell. He had been in a pull off down at the creek it seems. We said our goodbye's and I buttoned up and headed up 219 north towards Oakland, Md.

Even though I was pretty fried at this point, I decided to head to the Fairfax stone, which had a little back road (Co. Rte. 9) I knew that was a blast to ride. I passed on seeing the stone, no biggie as I had seen it before and it was nothing more than a small plaque commemorating the source of the Potomac river (if I remember right).

Anyhow, a mile down the road I came up on a black bear. Scared the snot out of it. It was in the center of the road and it tore off into the underbrush before I could get my camera out. I stopped the bike anyhow and watched where he ran to and was rewarded with seeing him make a bolt for it again and watched him climb a tree about 50 feet into the forrest. I wrestled with the idea of walking to the tree and taking a picture of him, but then common sense took over and I realized that being under a scared black bear was not the best idea I ever had. So I fired the 990 back up and headed down the road.

I crossed back into Maryland at a little no name town and found a cool abandoned brick building to frame in the afternoon sun...

Eventually I got back onto highway 50, east his time and headed for Romney when came across Highway 42 north, which looked promising enough, so I made the turn and off I went. I didn't have far to go before a cool truck caught my eye to the right so I stopped and took these pics...

A little further down the road was this view of Lake Jennings Randolf...

That was the last photo I would take. I was really fried and just worked on reading the road and working my way home. So from there I made my way to 68 east and back over Sidling Hill to Hagerstown and a cold bottle of Dogfishhead IPA (well, more like 4 cold bottles!).

In all I would cover just under 500 miles, about 50 of which were dirt/gravel road. I ate at my favorite restaraunt and rode some of my favorite roads. By the time I got home to enjoy some barley pop, I had also worked through "that" look as well. It is so nice to not need to spill my guts to a therapist. Riding a motorcycle is way more fun anyhow. If anyone wants better route data, let me know. I am going to head back to Davis soon to spend a couple days exploring the rest of the dirt trails and roads around there and to maybe hit Dolly Sods as well. For now though, I am just happy to have taken a day to ride these roads....cheers!
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