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Once we got out of Fez the "real" fun started as you start approaching the Atlas Mountains. Despite the fact there are no real steep climbing roads, you do start gaining altitude, the surroundings get more barren, there is less and less green around you and the temperature drops a few degrees.

This is me somewhere between Fez and Midelt (I think, it could be along the N13 road). It was taken along a real long, dead straight bit that must have been about 30 - 40 Km long. It started getting dark so we picked up the tempo a bit. The odd pothole was always noticed too late and I was surprised at how my Dakar just ate them up.

We got to a little dusty town not far from Midelt. We were all a bit stressed cause of the high pace we'd been riding at and the fact it was now completely dark and we didn't really know where to find a place to sleep. As we drove out of the town we say a sign for "Camping Timnay" which rung a bell. It turned out to be a GREAT place. Nice, cheap rooms and a big restaurant to hang out in. There were several dudes there who ran 4X4 tours and we spent a few hours looking at maps deciding what to do next.

We talked about the "Cirque de Jaffar" (a rocky piste in the High Atlas, popular with hikers and bikers) but decided not to do it cause of the difficulty level. The next day I led everyone straight in to it by accident . For me the real fun / off road challenges started here!
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