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Some pics of the Cirque de Jaffar. It's basically a small track that runs along the mountain, down in to the valley and then back up and out again.

This is at the beginning, the first snow we saw

The piste is getting quite difficult for a big fully loaded bike

Some pics stolen from my buddy Geert's collection. He stopped a few times on the more challenging parts while I just wanted to get the f*ck out of there! I have no idea how they all did this on such big bikes.

Here you can see the path we followed down in to the valley, and the pic was taken from a more forest-y area you end up in when you climb back out. All the way down at the bottom there we didn't really know where to head. This is one of the few times GPS actually helped us. You can see a tiny little spec there that is a jeep. It was just parked with nobody inside.

Local shepherd dude on my bike

Meeting the locals

Soon enough this jeep caught up with us. Two English guys were driving it and they had spent a few days in the surrounding mountains on foot, collecting data on a hiking book they planned to write. Only at this point did we realise that we were in this Cirque de Jaffar, when they told us! They obviously really knew the area well and even spoke some Arabic. It was comforting to know they were behind us for the last stretch of this tough road .

Now we faced the issue of not being able to make it to our planned destination of Imilchil before dark. The English guys said "No way you'll make it before dark". We just kept going but had to start thinking about fuel.

We'd stop in these poor little villages where you would get flooded by local kids trying to get some stuff of you and even going so far as digging around in your pockets or luggage if you weren't looking. I hate the fact they associate bikers with "free stuff". Some of them got a little aggressive at times and I feel this whole culture of "visit far way countries and give out free shit" has just gone to far. The result is that kids throw rocks or even swing sticks at you as you drive past - dangerous for everyone. I'm all for helping people out but don't think it should go hand in hand with motorbiking / tourism.

Anyway, we pushed on and find this cool little oasis of peace - a small auberge run by a local farmer guy who wasn't quite sure what to charge for his rooms. "Just pay what you want" he said . We made a little fire outside, his wife cooked up a feast and we slept like babies.

The sign for this mini hotel. If you pass it and need a full belly and a comfy bed - it's got our stamp of approval! The owner was hands down the nicest guy we met during our whole trip.

Team Slovenia cooking up some soups pre-dinner

More coming soon!
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