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Originally Posted by ba_
That's what I'm currently planning as well. Anyone currently running this combo that can share their thoughts?
Yes, I've changed to this combo 500km ago and so far, only used it commuting. My thoughts were posted earlier in this thread, but to summarise compared to Anakees:

-No noticed extra vibes
-Whining noise at higher speeds (>100km/h), probably from the front
-High speed stability doesn't seem affected up to 140km/h indicated, front becomes a little vague at 160km/h indicated
-Steering seems more stable straight ahead, a little slower to respond to minor input, but turn in is faster (must be a higher-camber profile) and there is a noticeable lean angle where you fall "between the knobs" on the K60 rear that seems a little weird at first, but you get used to it
-Dry bitumen grip is fine for urban use
-Only tried the combo in the wet once, when they were brand new, so was very apprehensive

I've not done any dirt on them yet, but my run into the work parking lot includes a 300m "shortcut" across some wet grass and sand, and this was always butt-puckering on the Anakees but feels fine on the new combo.

One thing I have noticed is the 21" front TKC has a very different tread pattern to smaller (19") sizes. The blocks are smaller, more numerous, and have a much smaller gap between them. There are no obvious "rows" of knobs as the centre and shoulder blocks are offset. It would therefore be a completely different ride to the 19" tyre, which actually seems more aggressive.
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