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On the 101, in Yachats.

The Silver Surf motel. One of my favorite cheap motels – cozy, right on the coast, and pet friendly too. That building with the name painted on it is where the pool and hot tub are located. All those sliding doors open up to the outside - I’ll bet this was a happenin’ party spot back in the sixties and seventies.

I spotted this beast off of the 101 and had to go back. I love stuff like this – how old is it? How did it get there? What’s the story with it? Will it ever see water again?

Newport. The first time I ever sang Karaoke was at this place, after many adult beverages. “Well it’s a marvelous night for a moondance…”

There are a handful of neat art deco buildings around.

I happened across this former kite store / rental place hidden off the highway. The blackberries were so high I could barely see it. What was the story with this place? The asphalt in the parking lot and around the building was all rough and uneven, like an earthquake had totally wrecked the area. It was kinda creepy and secluded there, so I didn’t hang out long.

At this point the 101 cuts away from the coast for a bit and heads inland towards Tillamook. Lots of farmland at this point.

In Hebo you’ll find a fishing pole large enough to catch a modern-day UJM.

What’s this?

Yes, my favorite spot in Tillamook. The Air Museum!

The Tillamook Air Museum is located in a former WWII blimp hangar, and is “the largest clear span wooden structure in the world”. It’s over fifteen stories tall, and an absolute beast to see up close.

Here’s my wife standing out of the ragtop of VW while visiting in 2004:

There used to be another hangar just like it on site, but it burnt down in 1992. Locals say you could see the smoke for miles around.

A couple of other riders were there that day as well. There are some really neat planes to see inside, but I didn’t have any time today, unfortunately. Check it out:

The remaining structure of the other hangar…

Lots of neat former military buildings are still on site. This one was actually for rent.

A trip through Tillamook wouldn’t be complete without visiting the Tillamook Cheese Factory…

… but since I had already visited it the year before, I decided to keep on going. Sorry, cheese fans.

Old cars…



Day Trippin':

The Ridge Route, 2011

The Oregon Coast, 2009

"...the fuel goes in there, through there and out there. . . the black turny thing on the back then goes round and round."

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