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Originally Posted by kiwGSXF
Any news on this? I have a 765T and have it working with my Chatterbox xbi2 and iphone. The GPS-->Chatterbox works well but when I try to use the GPS/Chatterbox/iphone together.. with the intention of the GPS controlling phone calls and music it doesnt quite work. Garmin have told me the 765T should work the same as the ZUMO 660 series - they support webpages also say it should work but I cant get it to keep the connection. I think the problem here is with the 765T when it acts as the main "hub"

When connecting to the phone or gos separately my headset had no problem.

Now, I am looking at the Sena SMH10 - and I like what I have heard and see. The controls look like they will work easily with gloves on.

I'll probably order a set
Thought I had answered this, but that must have been in a PM to another inmate...

We did get both to pair up. IPhone 3Gs to Sena using the A2DP profile for phone calls and iPod music. Then paired the Nuvi 765 to the iPhone using the hands-free profile, using the Nuvi as a 'gateway device' for making the and receiving phone calls.

We also paired the Nuvi 765 to the Sena independently of the iPhone pairing, since it supports a connection to a 'headset' and a 'phone'.
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