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94 DR455 - Swingarm.

Puzzled over how to get the bearings out for quite a while, then started whacking them with the hammer and socket extensions. Thought it was going to work until needle bearings shot across the room but most of the sleeve was still in place. Better plan was to run to Harbor Freight and get a blind hole bearing puller for $32.



Three! If only the rest were that easy. There was grease in that one.

Others were more... dry.

Behold! The Battle Royale! or it's aftermath anyway. I got all the bearings out using a variety of methods. No swingarms were harmed in the making of this picture.

Moose swingarm rebuild kit.

It's not Mezo clean, but it's functional.

Couple things I learned.
  • You cannot hammer new bearing back in. I mushroomed one and the single replacement bearing is $21, ouch!
  • A big C clamp works OK as a bearing press.
  • The Moose swingarm rebuild kit does not include the bearings that the swingarm actually pivots on!
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