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Originally Posted by JRWooden
Well I would not have thought it ... but there appear to be several ways to screw this up..........

and .... as I have ALWAYS come to expect, the manual (Rev. #4) leaves me wanting more information..........

Right off I see:

Pic - 1) I'm not QUITE sure what they mean when they say install... wide/narrow drivers ... maybe this would be more clear if had the parts in front of me...

Pic -1) note the sharp edge of the plates goes IN ... not sure why this matters, and would not guess that this is your problem, but since you are in there anyway ... I'd do it like they say...

Pic 2 & 3) Note that some "construction groups" have a segmented thrust washer which might or might not be replaced with a NON-segmented thrust washer, or might be discarded completely as it indicates the new construction status does not use it?

It does give what I would call a "stack height" dimension well TWO of them actually ... 46.3 / 44.9mm so you could see if what you've got matches either of those.... If yours is thicker than 46.3 ... that would explain what you are seeing ........ If you discard the thrust washer it looks like the stack is supposed to be 1.4mmm thinner ....

Also ... note the F658GS has different shoulder washer bits......
I wonder if the spring preload is less on the 658?

Well I'm sure I've cleared everything up for you now eh?
right then, job done !!!!

took it all apart stared at the bits, compared it to the factory guide, may have had the steel plates the wrong way round ?!?!- sharp side out on a few of em! - the sharp side Vs the non sharp side is just the way the plates are punched out by a machine- if the sharp side is the wrong way it "may" cause the assembly to stick a little I guess.

the wide Vs narrow driver is to do with the drive segment of the friction plates..... the old one I took out had 9 identical plates marked 26g A5

the new unit has 7 plates marked 26g A8

these have the top drive sections approx 1mm narrower than the other 2 that are marked 26g A7

you can see the difference here


so you put the different steel plate at the back- really dont know why but whatever they say.

then one of the A7 frictions, then alternate with the rest of the steels and the A8 plates[all 7 of em], then finish of with another A7 but moved round one slot in the cage

the washers under the springs look like this on the 800, so you can have a compare with the 650 if you want

only other difference that I have found is the new kit came with longer springs- suppose a little more strength for the drive

Anyway it all works

many thanks for the help-

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