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Originally Posted by Switchfoot
Just bought a new DR and the guy before me had it lowered. I found the rear suspension in the manual but nothing on the front. Can anyone point me to a thread or know how to do this. And other than spining the two spring nuts on the rear is there anyway to raise that anymore. It just seems to me that it should be a lot taller.

Moving the rear spring-nuts will increase the pre-load but does not really undo the lowering.

There is two holes in the lower part of the rear shock. The bolt that secures the lower part must be in the bottom hole to raise the rear of the bike.

The front forks are a bit more problematic, as there is a piece inside the fork tube that must be accessed and moved in order to get the height back in the front. Which means the fork must be removed from the bike and disassembled, then reassembled.

Somewhere I have links with "how to's." I'll hunt them up and come back via edit and post them.

Via edit -- here they are.

Distech’s DR650 rebuild:

Somewhere in the suspension section of his rebuild thread there is a description (with pictures) of how to build your own "special tool" to perform the spacer reset inside the forks.

Others -
Danwec: Quick lowering and raising question

Boother: Factoring lowering a DR650

Eakins: DR650 Intiminators (valving) install and review

Oldcoot: DR650 fork disassembly

shojimon: DR650 lowering questions

sleepywombat: maintenance, engine, & suspension thread

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