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Mandatory pics to prove it happened.

The Pirelli guys are always there, and they stay busy. I think they only charge $10 to swap a tire - man, you can't beat that. I wonder if they will do one with TireBalls? Totally worth it!

The view of the start area from behind, coming from the pit area. The rows will launch toward the woods in front, make a sharp 180, and head back in the other direction. This is the morning race lining up, Pro, AA, A, and fast B's:

From the front:

Big panoramic from the front, looking backwards down the start, the riders will be coming directly toward me in this shot, making a 180 left hand turn and shooting down a progressively narrowing path before entering the trees:

Some of the Pro/AA rows starting:

Just before entering the woods, there was nice little kicker. I don't know why any of the real photographers didn't set up here, if someone would get some shots of me doing this, I'd be on them like white on rice. A shot like that is better than a trophy, as far as I'm concerned:

Post race, bike is nice and dirty, but not too bad. Not "Devil's Ridge" dirty. The trials tire did really well, I was impressed. Even in the place I was most concerned, the greasy thick wet clay with hard clay underneath, the kind of surface you need crampons on to actually walk without slipping and sliding all over the place, it didn't exactly "hook up," but what it never did was leave me with no traction. It wasn't stellar in that, but it always found *some* traction no matter what, and as long as I was easy on the gas, it made its way up all of the gnarliest hills, albeit a little more slowly than I would have liked, but it made it. And everywhere else, it was pretty amazing - better than any other tire I've ever used, it did best in the rocks and roots, wet or dry, and didn't suffer anywhere else. Great tire.

Loaded up for the trip back home:

But not before we stop by the scoring shack, and pick up TW's hardware. Nice trophy, dude! Well done.

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