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Originally Posted by nobrakes
I compared the times of the front runners in my class to those of SEN B which would be the next class progression, and the fastest in my class would have finished 8th in SEN B, or just slightly in the back half. So ... I wouldn't necessarily call that sandbagging. It's all relative, though.

Regardless, my point was that the skill levels are pretty high up front. Although, the whole spectrum is well represented.

Would be great to have some options for alternate lines in the bottleneck areas, though. But I guess that's why they become bottlenecks in the first place. Starting in the first few rows would miss most of them. The only way for me to do that, is to improve enough to move up to SEN B. I've got a lot of work to do before I can do that.
Moving up to the next class will be tough for sure. I've got a long way to go as well if I want to move up. Thinkin about it, I kind of like the view from the back...except for the two smoke exhaust. Man was it thick in the woods...almost got sick breathing that stuff.

I'm just jokin about the baggers...Lot's of really good riders in all classes.
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