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Helmet Cam from Flat Rock

Here's my whole first lap from Flat Rock - again, uncut, raw, unaltered, all my goof-ups. I thought it was a pretty tough course, very slick in places. As I mentioned, my goggles fogged badly at that bottleneck and I was never able to get them to clear and couldn't see anything, so after I cleared the bottleneck, I pulled them down and rode the rest of the race after that without goggles. If you watch closely, you can see TW slip by me as I was stopped and messing with my goggles just after the bottleneck. I think three bikes went buy, he's on the KTM, the 2nd one I think.

Again, this was my first go at using a trials tire. I was a bit worried about running a trials tire in the mud, but I must admit that it never left me without traction. It was a little slower getting up some of the greasy slick hills than I think a knobby would have been, but it always found traction, and I just had to go easy does it on those slick muddy areas. Giving it more gas wasn't netting any more traction or resulting in getting up those slick hills any faster. But if I was easy on the gas, it always grabbed something to kept going. But it really excelled and was superior to a knobby in some other areas. That's my opinion, from the back half of C class, which is probably not worth a lot. :-)

You'll note that I spent the first half of the first lap trying to get around a slightly slower guy in front of me, who was also in my class. Unfortunately, I was not quite fast or skilled enough to pass quickly or cleanly, and I think we were holding up a few faster guys behind us. All the while, I kept thinking I was going to get him "any second now," but unfortunately it took a little longer than I had anticipated.

Link to the video if the embedded code doesn't work:

2010 NCHSA Rd 4 - Flat Rock Hare Scramble from bsd512 on Vimeo.

This is the start and the first lap of the 2010 NCHSA Round 4 Hare Scramble - Flat Rock. It was pretty wet, the course was slick, rocky, lots of roots, and pretty tough. It was a lot of fun, though, I had a great time.

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