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Day 2 - The Grand Canyon

We left Flagstaff in the morning and began heading north to the Grand Canyon. It was over cast most of the day, which is odd for us.

Living in the desert makes you really appreciate trees. For about 45 minutes we kept ogling the pine trees. There was a fierce cross wind most of the way up. It kinda sucked the fun out of a lot of the ride. But part way up 180, we stopped at turn off to take pictures of Red Mountain.

After that brief stop, we continued on through the nothingness of northern Arizona to the Grand Canyon. We briefly contemplated taking a helicopter ride over the canyon, but I don't exactly have the best track record with flight recently. I didn't want to throw up all over myself on my honeymoon.

I had to sift through over 300 pictures of the Grand Canyon, so be prepared...

We only had brief moments of sun, so some appear more washed out than others.

We made more motorcycle buddies, when we shared our parking spot with two BMW RT riders. They took our picture.

I've been to the Canyon twice before. Plus I'm not afraid of heights. So, I tend to creep towards the edge to take better shots. Mr. Adventure, is afraid of heights. It was like being at the Canyon with my mother all over again.

My edge shot..

Then I turn around to find him clinging to a tree.

I love him anyway.

At about this point he says to me "I'm canyoned out". Remember kids, the Grand Canyon was his idea.

And then we came across a whole group of classic/muscle cars. He, of course, turned around to look at them all. We were taking pictures of the one below, when the old man who owns it walked up. I said "we come to the Grand Canyon and he is more excited about the cars than the scenery".

Last one, I promise..

We were both hungry and tired at this point and wanted to eat. A local had told us about the trading post in Cameron off of 89. We battled another cross wind out. Someone needed to pee, so I got a shot of the bike.

Anyway, back to the food. The Cameron Trading Post was actually good. Local Navajo cuisine. We both recommend it, although go with a huge appetite, or share your plates. Everything on fry bread. Mmmmm...

We ate and noticed that it wasn't partly sunny anymore. Actually it looked as though it wanted to rain. So mach 1 up 89 to Lake Powell it was.

And then, the memory card was full. Which was a bummer, because the ridge line we followed and then crossed was beautiful. I'll have to catch some pictures of it on our way back. We finally hit Lake Powell well after dark, to not be able to find the hotel. They are not on the road they said and they do not have any signage telling you where they are. But we are sitting on Lake Powell at the Lake Powell Resort. We took advantage of the hot tub, then went to bed.

Today. Today we'll play around in the Lake Powell area before crossing into Utah to head up towards Mexican Hat. Til this evening everyone!
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