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Originally Posted by RamblerTim
Will someone/anyone please give more feedback about how this seat feels on long trips 100 miles & plus?

I know one or two have provided feedback but I am interested to hear from some others.

What are the downsides about this seat OTHER than the wait time?

It almost seems like this seat has a "Soup Nazi" effect about it. The wait time is so long & you receive such personalized attention when it is being built that people are too prideful to be honest about the downsides.

Or maybe not as many people have them compared to the other seats out there. Any additional info would be great, hope this sparks some more reviews....
I wondered the same thing. Google the seat - lots of guys in lots of forums have threads dedicated to their experience with the seat and the company. I read a lot of posts about the work James and Chris do and how satisfied people were with their seats. Typically I expect the first responses to a new seat to be positive, so I too like to get feedback after some one has some real time into their seat and the 'warm fuzzy' has had a chance to wear off. Anything I read indicated positive reviews for the seat and the company, I am failry certian you will find the same.

Can't ask for much more than that.

I would suggest that if your not honest about your riding profile you would end up with the seat you asked for and not the seat you 'need'. I also have no idea what different kinds of seat coverings (vinyl) would be best, so I asked for a recommendation based on my profile. I'm sure the seat's not magic - but it sounds like a great seat from a great company.

I'll provide more feedback of my experineces as my build date is in October along with my wifes.

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