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Day 3 - UTAH!

We eventually left Page. I say eventually because it took us 45 minutes to check out of the hotel. While the view from the hotel was killer, I don't recommend it. It was expensive, the room smelled of moth balls, and they are not very organized on the reservation side of things. While eating breakfast, we had an amazing view of Lake Powell.

And yes, those are rain clouds. We decided to head out soon after.

But first, we needed to stop to the Glen Canyon Dam. And chat with English motorcyclists.

One more before heading out. The rain was creeping up on Page very fast.

Our good friend Mr. Crosswind, beat the bejesus out of us almost all the way to Utah. I blame the impending storms we managed to sneak around. This was one of the short moments of me not clinging on for dear life.

We FINALLY made it to Utah!!

We opted to give Monument Valley a shot. I don't really recommend it. I got one good shot from the park:

I felt the views were better from the highway leaving Monument Valley. We were highly disappointed. And I'm almost certain we were the only Americans there. It was our own personal Small World ride while sitting on the patio eating our Lunchables.

See, better views from the road.

He stopped along side the road so I could take a picture of Monument Valley from a distance. I looked to my right to see this:

Imagine that. Perfect stopping point.

We motored on up to Mexican Hat so we could drop the luggage off at our hotel. I was quite impressed. It appears to be a small hole in the wall hotel, and it was the best we had stayed at so far. Clean room, quiet town, hot water and good water pressure.

We left to scrounge all the daylight we could. We immediately headed to the Mogi Dugway. 3 miles, straight up a mountain on a grated road. Mike's personal wet dream.

Shit, we had the UPS truck pass us halfway up. There is no way a KTM couldn't make it.

We made it to the top and had the most amazing views yet. I want to say, better than the Grand Canyon.

Muley Point.

Yep, this is where we came from and it was where we were going!

And then....Valley of the Gods. Seriously, the best part of the trip yet. We were equally in awe during the entire ride. Hench, you will be stuck looking at a gajillion pictures of it.

We kept pointing out all the different rock formations and what they looked like. I was all giddy when I noticed the horse.

I see why they call it Valley of the Gods. Only the gods could make something so beautiful.

We were quickly running out of light, but he wanted to take a short detour up to a rock formation.

A detour that took us through our first official water crossing.

Super scary.

Sunset through a wind screen.

He had the camera and I got bored. So I climbed.

The last shot before daylight was no more. Looking out over Monument Valley from Valley of the Gods.

Seriously. You all need to go ride Valley of the Gods, Mogi Dugway and Muley Point. This was by far the best day so far out of the trip. Me, my new husband and our motorcycle, just riding through America's beauty.

After a nice ride, we needed food. Eateries are limited in Mexican Hat, but we found the best one. Mexican Hat Steak House. Steak cooked over a swinging grill, open wood flame....melt in your mouth goodness.

Mexican Hat steak...expensive but well worth it. If your in southern Utah, Mexican Hat and its surrounds are a must.

We retired to our quiet little room (without wifi ). This morning we headed out and made our way to Moab. The little cafe that is supplying us with wifi is closing soon, so today's adventures must wait. Til then kids...
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