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We got his Ural unloaded (the one he toured the USA on) and the camp set up. He had a couple of friends with him one on a KLR and the other on a Husky 610. So we all headed to Echo Canyon.

Marcia was kind of nervous about riding the Ural with Mr. Cob,she did just fine. We got to the turn off for Echo Canyon and Mr. Cob just took off and so did Marcia. She kept up pretty good with him and all the nervs just left once that throttle opened.

We got to the top and stopped and took some pics. Mr. Cob was impressed with Marcia's riding and gave her Ural the once over for pointers.

On the way back down Marcia now a little more loose and comfortable started sliding the bike around the corners. Until she came into one corner a little hot and the deep gravel wouldnt let the bike slide. So a slide that plowed a row of gravel until it tipped the bike up on the left side crash bar sending Marcia rolling off. It was all kind of funny to watch. She was fine and was having fun. The bike was fine we just had to knock all the gravel off.

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