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yay :) flights booked for me and the bike. Insurance quote received. Vacation booked, so far....all systems are go.

Am still looking for feedback and advice on the route..

stuff like;
  • is 2 days from Toronto to Chicago realistic?
  • Can i get up and down Florida in 2 days? ideally I'd like to visit Hemingway's home or failing that, the thongs.
  • what's the best way to enter Texas from New Mexico? El Paso? Amarillo? Something else?
  • I'm trying to stay well clear of the Mexican border to avoid potential hassles - sensible? I am thinking a single guy on a bike near the border is likely to attract police attention
  • Is the ride up the Texas gulf coast nice? or are there more interesting things further inland?
Someone here said that if I had to ask questons like these then I should reconsider going, heh, weird thing to say if you ask me. I want to maximise my value in what's likely to be a once in a lifetime trip for me and I'd hate to pass within 20 miles of some awesome venue/club/canyon and miss it cos I didn't ask.

Overall, my general plan remains the same...zoom east to west, zoom(ish) from west coast to Texas and then dawdle up spending as much time as possible in the deep south. I wanna try me some grits :)
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