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Originally Posted by catweasel67

stuff like;
  • is 2 days from Toronto to Chicago realistic?
Its a bunch of miles. If the weather is bad (rain), it may not be any fun at all. May depend on any border hassles as well.
  • Can i get up and down Florida in 2 days? ideally I'd like to visit Hemingway's home or failing that, the thongs.
Florida, for some reason, takes way more time to drive than you think it should. If its really hot and muggy, it will be 2 long days.
  • I'm trying to stay well clear of the Mexican border to avoid potential hassles - sensible? I am thinking a single guy on a bike near the border is likely to attract police attention
Border towns can be 'interesting'. I don't think the border patrol would really care unless you speak only spanish, and don't have your papers with you. Going down towards the border shouldn't be a problem, but you may / will hit an inspection coming up from the border. Have papers ready, and nothing 'interesting' in your gear. You will likely see a lot of border patrol around Arizona and New Mexico too. Just a fact of life around there.
  • Is the ride up the Texas gulf coast nice? or are there more interesting things further inland?
Once again, hot and muggy this time of year. Potential big thunderstorms anywhere in the 'tornado zone' I can't say that south texas to the gulf scenery is anything special (my opinion). spectacular stuff is New Mexico, Arizona (and some of west texas to be fair) Texas is a biiiiiggggg state. I just rode it going south a couple days ago.
And, good luck, have fun and enjoy the states.
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