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Received my dual kit from Rocketmoto about a week ago, finally got around to installing them today. I installed one set on my five year old's MX helmet and one in my Arai Quantum.

Installation was dead easy as was pairing. Intercoms paired together right away, iPhone 3GS paired right away to my comm, iPod Touch paired to the boy's comm so he can listen to stories/watch movies/etc while hanging out in the sidecar.

Went for a test ride just now and it all worked well. It's easy for him to make calls and hang up, with the big jog dial button that he can operate with his small hand. Very cool. He had plenty of volume as he was behind a windshield.

I found I needed to run it pretty close to max volume to hear him easily, but there is a good amount of wind noise/turbulence that comes off the K100RS screen on the bike. Anyway, at 65mph, we could still carry on a conversation no problem, even though I had to have the volume up.

Didn't try music or cell phone yet while riding, just comm-to-comm, and for that purpose, I'd call it an unqualified success.

I listened to music over bluetooth from the iPhone while sitting inside, and it sounded ok. A bit thin, no real bass. When I cranked up the volume, it began to distort and break up - I wouldn't choose it specifically for music - but dialogue/podcasts/voice is excellent. The audio, while a bit thin, is very clear and detailed, which is nice.

So my only minor niggle is for a touch more volume (which I found a bit surprising, given the reviews that state how LOUD they are - I didn't find that to be true), other than that, these things are great, and the fact that they're easy to use for a five-year old speaks to how user-friendly they are.

Thanks Rocketmoto,


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