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Originally Posted by woody's wheel works

,,,,with all the dirt in the nipple hole it is easy to miss them,,,these screws are so tiny ,,require a 2mm allen,,,and if ya don't want to add to your woes,,,CLEAN out all the dirt embedded in their heads,,,we use dental picks and compressed air and charge you accordingly,,,otherwise you will strip the allen head because the dirt embedded in them doesn't allow your allen wrench to drop in for the required purchase,,,,

Great post Woody!

This might be useful for your shop. Here is a quick and very thorough method for cleaning the set screw wrench flats, and the threads.

A friend of mine with an unnaturally clean GS (the one we used for the tensioner replacement thread) has a steam cleaner. You could have guessed, right?

He took a shot at the rear hub on my bike. Just distilled water in the steamer.

And here are the results. Look how clean the threads are.

The time spent steaming each spoke nipple seemed about the same amount of time you would spend with a dental pick and air nozzle on each spoke. . . Only without the dental pick. You know, just a couple of seconds of steam for each spoke nipple.

I stopped him before he could do too much damage.


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