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Originally Posted by Pete™
Newegg has this...

Panasonic VIERA 46" 1080p 600Hz Plasma HDTV TC-P46G10

(limit 5 per customer)

Original Price: $1,499.99
You Save: $563.04

$94.99 Shipping
OK, I called, the Panasonic designer of the Plasmas. He says that now they have the same (basic) chip that the commercial ones had last year when they went to 100K hours to half brightness. He says that the only reason they won't say how long they will last till half brightness or loose contrast is they don't have the quality control they do in the commercial ones. Sooo, basically since they don't check every one off the line like they do on the commercial ones, they will not say how long they will hold black or brightness. BUT the chip is the same one in the last series commercial grade ones. So technically, they should now last 100K hours till half brightness and the contrast and black levels should hold as well. Another BUT, if one definitely wants a plasma to be good for at least 100K hours, pony up the clams and buy it from me or another Commercial or broadcast dealer.
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