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the facts on unlacing GS wire wheels

thanks for the tip regarding the steamer,,,how much and where can i get one????,,,,am always on the lookout for any tool that makes my life much it will save on the cost of unlacing a wheel will have to be fiqured out,,,

currently, the brunt of the unlacing job isn't the grub screw cleaning process (anywhere from 5-20 minutes but rather removing the spokes from the rim,,,

more often than not the spokes are so thoroughly jammed in the rim because of all the crud buildup being packed in there by centrifugal force...this takes 10-40 minutes and that's after soaking the rim's lips in solvents and detergents...we have to beat the spokes far enough to get a good purchase on them from the outside,,,

next,,, i take my big DeWalt cordless with a keyless chuck and latch onto the protruding spoke outside of the lip,,,,once more ,,,i lube everything around the area of the lip,,,normally,,they self tap out,,,,however,,too much dirt in there and the threads of the spokes get wasted,,,ya get the drift?????,,it's tedious work,!!!!!,and then...

ya have to go back and clean ALL the remaining crud out of the spoke holes,,we use a messed up spoke for that ,or chase all the holes with a drill,,,ALL these holes need to be thoroughly clean so as not to contaminate the threads of the spokes when you are reassembling the wheel,,any crud on the threads changes the torque readings,,,,

i'm looking at one of those vibrasonic cleaning tanks ,,,the high frequency vibrations may aid in shaking loose all the dirt jammed between the spoke and the rim-lip and around the head of the spoke,,will keep you all posted,,,woody

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