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Day 8 Ross River. why is this town here?

372 miles 100(?) of gravel
What a sh#t bag place full of strange people.

Leaving my favorite camp. The Yukon River Hostel. Just across the Yukon from Dawson City. A shared room is $21 and I had it to myself the first night. Since it was raining on the Dempster, I rode to Chicken and back so I stayed a second night. After getting beat down by the Dempster the next couple days I came back because I wanted to sit in the wood fired sauna. I liked this place.

Before I left for good how ever I rode down the river bank a couple KM's and checked out the Stern Wheeler Graveyard.

There are at least 5 ships on the bank and slowly falling apart.



After that, cross the river one last time and head for the Campbell Hwy.

Pelly Crossing, YT

5 Finger Rapids

There are convoys of identical RV's headed North. I am so glad I'm headed South

Faro. The best kept secret???

Faro is near Ghost Town status. The only gas station burned down 3 years ago. You need to gas up in Ross River. The grocery store is boarded up. There are adandoned houses and apartments all over town. The only thing that I didn't see was Zombies walking the streets saying "Braiiiins"

This is one of the motels. There are people still living in the town still working at the mine. But most of the town looks really bad.

Ross River Yukon College. I post this because my son is mad he didn't get into the UW. Instead he's headed to WWU in the fall. Hey son. It could be a lot worse.

Camping at the "City Park"
Kind of creepy and probably nothing but...
I drive into town looking for an open gas station and instead find a British guy-Trevor- out of Calgary camping in his van. A nice guy, he is doing sales calls all over the West and North trying to sell an invention he's involved with that turns methane or natural gas into 150 octane Gasoline. There is a lot of nat gas up here but few refineries so all gasoline gets trucked in. Every village could set up their own plants. is his company website. While I set up my tent, several natives cruise by and look us over then leave. Next thing I know, Trevor is driving away. WTF??? Did he get wind of something bad???
All that night, every few minutes a local would drive down to the river where I was parked, check me out and slowly drive away. Now I understand it was probably a slow news day here but somebody could have stopped to say hi. Nada. So all night I sleep with 1 eye open waiting...

The Pelly River pedestrian bridge. This used to carry the CanOl pipeline now is the footpath over the Pelly when the Ferry isn't running. Like now : (

If it's on the Pelly, why is this town called Ross River?

The Pelly Barge. Closed until June 3. So much for riding the North CanOl.

So I'm parked by the pumps at the Ross River gas and grub waiting for it to open so I can get the heck out of this town. Sitting on a milk crate by the loading dock enjoying the sunshine and a good cigar after a lousy breakfast. Numerous locals-all natives-walk past and ignore me. Finally after an hour I stop a native and ask when this place opens. "Normally 9, but today is a Holiday so it's closed". These FF were going to let me sit.
There's a new Card Lock gas tank across the street so over there and refuel and scoot for the CanOl

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