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Sorry for the intermission!

It was a few months ago that our main character got his second chance to go for a long unsupported ride. He only went for an overnight trip but remembering how much he loved that trip kept him on his toes while planning his newest expedition. He had meticulously planned every detail down to the most miniscule fact. He had prepped the bike for everything he knew how and enjoyed every minute preparing for the voyage. But alas he never got to go. The chains of responsibility had a tight hold and showed no signs of breaking. His time came and went, but he knew if he was patient he would one day get the chace to ride again.

(Found my glasses! Picture is of me at the top of one of the many mountains.)

He waited and waited knowing that one day the sea and the skies would be calm and clear enough to allow another departure.

Without warning he found himself with a long weekend free of those rusty chains. Burrying himself with the preperation of this voyage he started to swell with anticipation, having only a vague and blurry idea of what lay ahead of him only seemed to fuel his desire even more.

(Like the water under a bridge, time seems to move so slow when you want something but when your in the middle of it someone pulls down the dam holding back the water seemingly cutting your time in half when you want it most)

He woke up with a start. He knew something was wrong as soon as he opened his eyes. "Damn electronics!" He said to himself when he found out the time. Everyone had already left for work hours ago while he peacefully slept through the three alarms he had set to make sure he got up for an early start.

It took him a few hours to get everything together, he just couldnt seem to get organized. Frantically running around trying to find this or that, "why did I not do this last night when I was awake?" Again saying this to only himself as he was alone now and would be for the next three days.

When he finally had everything ready he started to load his trusty steed. Heading out to the barn to get the trailor he had his first taste of mother nature for the weekend. She too seemed to have woken up on the wrong side of the bed. The entire atmosphere around him seemed to be creaking and growning almost refusing to go on. The humidity was stifiling, the cloud cover made the day seem very bleak and the lack of wind made the heat even more obvious. Days like that were only good for one thing, effectively derailing any hope of enjoyment, but even all of this would not hold him back. He was determined and would never give in. This was HIS trip, mother nature nor the sand man were going to take it from him.

Soon after he finally began his trip, it was to start with five hours of boring highway, but he didnt care. After all, it was leading to new trails, unexplained circumstances, new people and many miles to drown out the cries that are every day life.

Next up, day one!


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