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That is my ONLY complaint about mine. I wound up heating the mounting arm so that I could bend it about 15 degrees ... this way the face would point directly at me. It's bizarre that the readability issue only happens in low light situations. Daytime it's perfect ... get to be dusk or after dark .. I would have to lower my head about 2 inches to see it.

Oh and ... I wound up taking the three screws out that connect the mounting arm to the unit itself and putting on some Loctite

But beyond that ... I've been inpressed. The signal indicators are INFINATELY brighter than my stock speedo. Now I at least don't look like a complete noob riding down the road with a blinker on.

PS - I know that this might start something ... but I haven't hooked my generator light up ... and my battery is charging nicely. Flame away ... (PS- about ~1500 miles since the Acewell install) ... Yes, I am going to do it ...
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