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South we go!

His excitement had quickly turned into boredom as he realized he had a five hour trip by himself before he could swing a leg over his only companion. The scenery didnt change much, if at all, until more than half way through the drive. Slowly the fields and wooded patches started to roll together and open up. As each hour passed the terrain began to protrude with more and more large rocks and very open hillsides that were so clean and green they seemed more at home in an expensive stuck up housing division.

With only a short while to go he tried to keep the butterflies inside him at bay but nothing he did would help. They wanted out, much like himself. Then almost immediately he found himself stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. Looking at his maps he couldnt believe it. He had only one mile to get to his exit and he would then be free. After a few nervous minutes he slid onto the shoulder, gliding past the other cages like an inmate walking out of jail.

Within minutes he was off the interstate and slowly heading south towards the only part of the trip he had planned. He was to stay at a specific town, in their small airport. It would be safe, and if he had the right code he could use the lounge when he wanted. But more traffic in town! "Are you kidding me!? Damnit!" again cursing to noone, he couldnt believe he was in traffic again. He didnt have enough time. If he wanted to cover any miles at all he needed to get the bike out now.

He found a nice looking hotel, it was good enough. He would use it as his drop area. Quickly he unloaded what he needed, got dressed, and checked his maps...

He was off!

His only plan was to ride some mountains. That and find somewhere to stay. The sands of time again had different plans. It was already late, he only had a few hours to ride and most of that time was needed to find somewhere to camp. But he didnt care, he was in Tennessee with a motorcycle and camping gear. That was all he needed.

He followed the front tire in search of mountains. He knew there was a camping area south east of where he was, so were the mountains. "Good enough for me!" He said to himself as he slid the bike into gear and took off into the unknown, the echoe of the massive six-fifty ratteling off each building as he passed.

He tried and tried to get into the mountains that where everywhere but time and time again he found himself at dead ends or private property.

He was beginning to get mad. They were tantilizingly close, always a glance away but he was running out of time and had to find somewhere to sleep.

As he rolled into another small town he happened to see a sign advertising hotel rooms for only twentyfive bucks. He figured the camp ground would charge him at least fifteen and seeing as it was already dark he decided to check it out.

He quietly ate his soup and drank from his water bag while looking over his maps, planning out the next day, in the luxury or his hotel room. Little did he know he wouldnt sleep for a damn...

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