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Originally Posted by niceviewbehindbars
I stand up a lot while riding, at least when my speed is below 45. Sometimes on the interstate but only for a few moments.

I passed a state cop yesterday while standing and I know he saw me but he didn't turn around. Anyone know if there is a law on this? It may be different in different states I would assume. Dunno?

I guess this is sort of like the thugs cruising around with the the seats laid all the way back. Although I know i am in much better control that they are.

I asked my neighbor (VSP trooper) that very question. Actually, I asked him to research the Code of VA to find out if it was actually prohibited by code. He replied that as long as the rider has both feet on the pegs, and both hands on the bars, and the action (standing on the pegs) was not careless, or reckless, or determined to be "stunting", then it is lawful.

He also said that as long as you're not acting like a squid (his term), nobody will ever bother you. (I'm not so sure about that part... some guys are looking for any reasonable suspicion to make a traffic stop).

- Jimmy
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