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tbone jr 1st harescramble

Well it started when my step dad Troy (tbone) wanted me to race. I did not give in AT ALL, until I started watching the races with Troy on racer TV. So then I started getting interested when I saw the property and the nice people in suncoast trail blazers. So then I wanted to race. I got to the property to sign in while Mr. Scott at the table was wishing me good luck for my first race. When we got back to the truck I got my bike ready to do the practice lap at 10:30 with Troy. I first went to do tech for my bike and then got my bike ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So during the practice lap I only fell 3 times but because it was slippery from the rain. There were 4 “rivers” to go through and about 3 elevation changes. I was muddy,but still didnt know what I was about to get into.
So at the end I was TIRED and it was only the practice lap. I rested for about an hour to get ready at 12:30 to race. Oh NOOOOOO /:

Well here is a pic of the beginning of the actual race.

Well my bike did start and then it went down hill, literally. I got to the 1st “river”
and then the bike stalled and I fell in mud. While everyone else was leaving I kept slipping down the hill trying to pick my bike up. So then Mr. Scott came over and he fell. We finally got the bike up and I went. Well then letting someone pass me I fell in this like mini pond. It took me 5 min to get the bike started. I went through the other “rivers” perfectly and didnt fall the rest of the race. Every corner there was a suncoast member cheering me on which built my confidence. I finally got to the 3rd lap and was soar as heck. I wanted to pass out. So then the race ended and I looked like this...........

I got last place which was only 4 people in my class but I did find out that Mr. Scott's son Jake was 1 out of 2 people to make 5 laps in 1hour and 30 mins. Well at least someone from the club did some good. At least I finished with 3 laps so I was proud of that . All I know is that next race I am not sitting for 5 mins doing nothing but looking at the sky. :) BTW: thank you sctb for all the support for my 1st race.

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