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Originally Posted by Taurkon
Really sorry to hear about your experience. It's so not cool when your new bike sits in a dealership that is suppose to be working on it for you.

I bought my 07' 990 Adventure from Cycleworks Calgary and will not do ANY business with them again. Stalling and sputtering issues, and I was charged quite steep (well, that only worked once, but they sure tried which is just as bad to me. $135 for a freaken spark plug change even though they were already there!!!) for a number of items that did not fix the problem, though it was on warranty. In the end after 3 visits, it ends up being the rear sparkplug boot continued to slip off the plug.

Also had my bike out of service for 3 weeks due to a fuel pump issue! WTF? Service at Cycleworks = poor!!! Friendly sales = NADA! Parts = MSRP (even after purchasing)

Bottom line, I am going to buy a 990R next year and have my current rides suspension modified so my wife can ride it. I am buying in Vernon, BC!!! Yup, 3 KTM dealers within an hour of my place, but I am going to buy, and service my new bike 6 HOURS away cause I have heard nothing but huge praise for Vernon Motorsports. That is all most of us want... good service with reasonable rates and a smile.

Now that my bike is off warantee, I do all the work on it. I'll be damned if I give 10 cents of business to Cycleworks.

Hope all works out for you and your bike. Hope our Cycleworks warnings carry weight with others. Word of mouth works both ways!

HAHAH I bought at Vernon Motor Sports, 8 months for a tire on warranty and only after I went to the owner and complained about the service, don't kid yourself, heated grips how hard can it be? they installed them, went back the next day they weren't working they fixed them, promptly I have to say, stoped working again I fixed them at home and they have been good since. I was quoted a price, OTD but when I got there there was almost $500.00 charges on top of the OTD price but seeing as I travelled so far and did not have the quote in writing I bent over and took it like a man, but I wont buy there again. Any KTM I buy will be from Brooks Alberta and A&E

Just my $.02

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