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Originally Posted by Mr. Canoehead
For my part, I will support you by not purchasing anything from Cycleworks in Calgary and I was thinking about a 690. Too bad, they seemed like nice people when I was in there last week.
Tthat only helps the OP if you go back, find the sales manager, and tell him: "I was in last week and planned to buy a new 690, but since I talked to (get OP's name) I think it would be stupid of me to do business with you.". Then GTFO, don't let them sweet talk you into anything.
Maybe a bunch of locals should go in, one at a time over a couple weeks. Look at a bike, collect a brochure, go for a test drive. Then go back and find the general manager and repeat the speech: "I was going to buy, but then I talked to John Doe, and if that's how you take care of your customers then I'm not gonna be one."
Sales manager and general manager are often the same guy. This pretty much gaurantees the OP's bike is now a high priority.
You could also time this so that when you go back to tell them why you are not buying a bike from them, OP is outside with a sign. Stop and talk to him on your way in, then find the sales/general manager, etc.

Post up! Local guys, have a good time supporting a rider in trouble.
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