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Originally Posted by Grafspee
How long is the piece of 14 gauge wire in the throttle cam?
I'm trying to remember as it was a while ago I did this. I think it was about 1" to 1.25". I left room for a half loop and I also marked it with a indelible marker so I could keep track of it if it were slipping out. So far no problems. I would have put bigger/more in there but the throttle cable is only so long and this is all I could get away with at the time with the stock throttle cable IIRC.

Since we're on the topic, I also slipped some Renthal grips OVER the stock grips to give the grips a bigger diameter making them easier and grippier to hold and to increase the outside diameter of the grip to reduce throttle sensitivity. If that's confusing, just think of turning a volume knob on your stereo. If it's a small knob, you don't need to move it much at all. Now if you were to swap it for a huge knob, even though the degrees moved would be the same, it would take much more 'spin' at the outer circumference to achieve the same degrees of rotation.
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