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Originally Posted by David_S
I'm confused Wouldn't this mod make the throttle even more sensitive since it make the drum larger so the cable is actually pulled farther with less turn of the throttle?
If this is the only mod done, then there is relatively LESS throttle input for the same twist of the throttle.

I can try to explain. Let's assume that your throttle hand twists the throttle enough to pull 1cm of throttle cable. That means that 1cm of throttle cable will move off the throttle cam which for the sake of discussion will move the throttle 20 degrees. If you make the throttle cam larger by increasing its diameter with a piece of 14 guage wire/epoxy/tin foil you increase its circumference. Thus, 1cm of movement of the throttle cable on the now bigger cam will result in less than 20 degrees of throttle movement because the 1cm of throttle pull is being effected on a larger effective circumference.

Therefore the same amount of throttle input engages LESS throttle at the throttle pin by twisting it less than it would with the previous smaller cam.
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