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I'd like to start participating in the upstate TAG game. Without a web capable phone to claim the tag though, is it worth me trying to get out there and back to post the picture? Someone will surely beat me to this one. That is what is called being "Bruced", right?
I know exactly what you mean. I can't post remotely either. I got bruced twice before getting my first tag. For the first one, I got up at dawn for a 4 hour round trip and got bruced by 15 min by someone posting remotely. That kinda sucked. What I do now is limit my attempts to tags that are within an hour and I take a long lunch on a work day. I don't think I'd try on a weekend unless it's a particularly interesting tag.

The creation of the upstate tag is a boon for guys like you and me. The pace should be considerably slower and that will give us a better chance. Not to mention that the drive should be much more interesting for those times that we do get bruced
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