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The Final Word on 950 wheels

Okay, I'm working on my own bike as well as a story in Trail Rider, or a series of stories in Trail Rider. I need to know real experience from folks who have tried it, and here's the question:
Is anyone in the forum riding a KTM Adventure with a 17-inch rear wheel and 19-inch front wheel? And if so, how's it working?
I know the factory infomation is full of dire warnings to not fit 17-inch rims to the 950, but they're very vague about the 17/19 combo. I've heard rumors and speculation about terminal high speed tank slappers, but I haven't heard any first-hand knowledge. So what's the scoop from those of you who know?
One reason I ask is that I'm building a second set of wheels for primarily street use. And if smaller works better, why not do it? Thanks.
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