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Originally Posted by SCflyer
Did your 376 come preloaded with City Navigator? If so, then you should be able to use the Lifetime updates. When calling Garmin about this problem the lady I spoke to said the unit doesn't have an internal memory . I thought it has to since it has the maps on it...She corrected herself later. The site info. says it does have internal memory but the maps are preloaded onto the what internal memory it does have when made and u can update what's already there, not load additional. There is no "internal memory" for extra stuff. If you want to add more maps (topo for example) you have to get a data card. I tried to find any information (receipts, purchase info etc) for the lifetime update but no joy. I don't remember if I called or ordered it online...but it works...well, most of the time.

Guess mine is the odd GPS out since the others above seemed to work ok. I tried it again, and again it would only load Canada. Maybe it's telling me something about where I need to go!
I'll have to try and call them back and hope I get someone that'll sell me the lifetime maps. I think mine came with City Nav North America but it was on CD/DVD. So, technically, it wasn't loaded in the GPS. What a silly distinction! What the heck difference does it make whether I have to load it myself or if it was already loaded. If I could find a viable alternative to Garmin, I'd switch.

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