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Owyhee Uplands

The weekend's ride started out very nice Saturday morning as we cut through the flats South of Boise to Grand View. Sam put the ride together spontaneously a couple days prior and our group consisted of Heath, Jason, Sam, and myself. We planned to take Mud Flat Road through the Owyhee Uplands South of Grand View West towards Jordan Valley. It's a quick 100 miles, but very scenic. Additionally, the BLM offers a brochure on all the history along the way here.

The Battle Creek Challenge site lies roughly 10 miles South at one point along this path. Clearly, the challenge pressure led me wanting to venture down this 10 mile path off the main road. Luckily, Heath joined me along the way; I think he may have felt the same drive, may have been concerned for my safety, or a combination of the two. Sam and Jason were too cautious to take their bigger bikes into what they expected to become a mud-fest. After the path started out fairly rideable, it quickly became just that which Sam and Jason had predicted. I briefly slipped, laughed it off, and Heath and I kept on riding. I saw Heath slip behind me, stopped to watch him get up, and we kept on going. The mud and his fork brace were not cooperating.

After more than an hour of battling our way Southward we got to this mud puddle roughly 2 miles North of Battle Creek. Riding along the side of it was no big deal, except for a boulder sitting right there. My rear tire got caught along it. As I was trying to ride over my tire slipped, the rock pushed against my chain, and the chain came off my rear sprocket .

Heath got out his tools as mine were on the mud-side of the bike. We loosened the rear to put the chain back on. By now not only our bikes were muddy but the two of us were covered as well.

We got my bike out and running shortly after, but it was then that we agreed after two hours out in nowhere it's time to get back to Mud Flat Rd. I was tired, Heath's wheels were blocking, and Sam and Jason were going to be waiting in Jordan Valley for a long time. Heath said I should rest as he would bring both bikes back to the other side of the puddle. My bike went well, but as he got back on his it was not cooperating- note how gracefully that mud is flying behind his back.

I was laughing at how beautifully that just went down and snapped the two pictures consecutively (with Powerbar and Camera in hand laughing hard). By this point Heath needed a push too; I quickly ran over and we got out of the mess. I cannot thank Heath enough for having been there and having helped me. I'm positive I would have gone down that path myself and it would have not been pretty. (Note to self for next time not to go down muddy paths by self.)

We got back to Mud Flat Rd., soaked in the scenery, and kicked off some mud.

We made it to Jordan Valley hours after Sam and Jason but found them waiting happy for our safe return. After lunch and stories we then parted ways.

Sam and I headed to Leslie Gulch for its lower elevation and warmer temperatures.

The scenery was absolutely amazing. John Wayne anywhere?

Next morning we headed out to Silver City coming from the West.

I checked off the Challenge Site and we headed back Eastward to Grand View and North to Boise. Roads were clear and very fun around Silver City but you could tell it wasn't like that not too long ago.

All in all it was a well spent weekend and a truly memorable experience having been able to go on this ride with Sam, Heath, and Jason!

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