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What a fricking as_hole. I'm a long time Harley rider. I have to ignore some of the comments made about Harley's and their riders that are made by some in this forum. I love all American and European made two wheelers. I can say I’ve never owned a bike with more than 3 cylinders. I’ve never own an Asian bike and I don’t have anything ageist anyone who does. It’s not fair and please DO NOT judge us all in the same category as this idiot. I don't know who this guy was trying to impress but it’s just a good think his runaway bike didn't hit an innocent person in the parking lot. It appears he wasn’t hurt seriously but he should have castrated himself as a result so not to pollute the gene pool. You think he might learn his lesson when he gets the repair bill but I hardy doubt it.

When Indian Larry was killed doing the same thing without a helmet the comment was “He did it 1,000 times before”. I just had to chuckle apparently it can only be done 1,000 time by any individual because the 1001 time will kill you.
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