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V-Strom crash bar dilemma. Buy Pat Walsh?

Getting ready for the ride to Alaska and hopefully Deadhorse, and trying to get the bike as prepared as possible. I bought a SW Motech skid and crashbar set from craigslist, the parts were in good shape but the seller didn't have any of the hardware ( the bike had been totaled in a deer collision, rider was ok ) Tried getting hardware from Twisted Throttle, they sold me the skid hardware and told me there was a 2 month wait for the bar hardware. When the skid hardware came it was missing several pieces, I called Twisted Throttle about the missing parts they said they'd check on it and get back to me, never got a reply, and when asked about the status of the crashbar hardware I was told since I was not a motorcycle mechanic they couldn't sell me the parts unless I e-mailed them photographic proof they were SW Motech parts
Considering just going with the Pat Walsh set-up, nice you can get them with highway pegs. Looking for some feedback on them, just trying to stay on some kind of spending cap this trip is getting expensive and I haven't even left yet.
Or does anybody have a line on getting the SW's mounted. Any help is much appreciated.
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