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Bush camp to Siyavonga

We get a relatively early start and another day of wonderful riding lies ahead on the "Main Road to Siyavonga"’.

Siyavonga will mark the end of our Lake Kariba expedition. It is the Zambian counterpart of Kariba town in Zimbabwe. There is a border post and the road crosses over the Kariba dam wall.

Stopping to get water from a well again. Barack Obama conquered not only the USA but also the whole African continent.

Check out the height of the grass.

Day after day we are blessed with the best riding you can ask for.

Here and there it reminds me of Northern Namibia.

Then we start hitting dongas, which means stopping and finding a way through every couple of hundred metres.

It is engrossing riding because the terrain keeps you busy, and we lose the way a couple of times as there is a shortage of locals to ask directions from. So here and there we run into dead ends.

When we reach a populated area we hear that from here on further, the road is such that vehicles can get to there. This is good news, it's excellent news. It means that we are going to successfully finish our first objective of travelling up the length of Lake Kariba.

The road is not a highway yet but we see vehicle tracks and things open up nicely, we get to increase our speed.

And I'm in the mood for a lodge. Siyavonga has several.

Aaaaaaaaaahhhh!! Sandy Beach Safari Lodge

Seeing this kind of thing is just heartwarming.

The lake is filled to capacity. The sculpture is of the Nyaminyami, the river god that is said to live in the Zambezi.

We are the only campers and we set up in an idyllic spot.

We are so ready for a bit of R&R.

As we sit there quaffing a beer or two, getting a feel for the place, I see what looks like a tiny human swimming out to the lake, elbows flailing. I wade out and find a chameleon that climbs up my arm hissing threats as he goes.

We are relieved to get our violently stinking riding gear washed.

My bike has also been giving me some grief with the handlebars having so much play that it has been very difficult to ride rocks. It is mounted on rubbers and there is obviously some problem. I can even straighten out the bars whilst riding by just hitting the one end with my palm. No need to wedge the wheel against something solid.

We take it all apart and finally grind the spacer sleeves shorter so that the rubbers are compressed more. I also inflate the air shock again because it has gone down to such an extent that I have to slow down for holes and the like in order to stop the rear from bottoming.

These and other issues were a continual hassle on this trip and I will get back to this in detail at the end of the report.

Sandy Beach Safari Lodge is not the most up market of places but they are well priced and serve good food and cold beer. It is really good to get our boots dried out for the first time since this trip started.

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