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Originally Posted by Poolside

You can get it at Sears, but also a similar type of product at Target or Wal Mart prolly. I think the figures of merit are steam pressure, time-to-steam, and water tank capacity.

I think that in addition to or instead of distilled water, you can use a commercial detergent from a Safety-Kleen parts washer. Their detergent is not flammable and does not foam. If you have a prospective detergent that you might want to use, try boiling some in a pot so you can see what it will do in a steamer.

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The best way is to apply a good detergent (Simple Green, 409, or ...), or beter yet a surfactant (S100) to a DRY surface. Wait a bit, then steam it off. This method works much better than just steam. I wouldn't add anything, but distilled water to the steam cleaner. YMMV

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