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Originally Posted by RUOK
I've already got the Motech parts, just need the bolts. I could make the spacers and probably find most of the bolts, except for the M12 x 380 that goes through frame. I don't want to spend more money but if I buy the Walsh's at least everything will bolt up ( I should stick to buying retail i suck at buying used ) I'm not concerned that much with the plastic getting scuffed, just want to protect the vitals from the occasional drop, and to keep the gravel from hitting the crankcase, oil cooler, etc.
Sounds like you know what you're doing. Yep, you need the long bolt. I don't know how else to get it, but try bothering TT more. If you bought it from them just threaten to return the parts and have them pay shipping unless they complete the order. They seem a mostly decent batch of folks most of the time. Ask for supervisors or for Erik if you aren't getting good answers. Really, it should be easy to get that bolt.

I'm a fan of the Motechs. They were the first brand available, so the only option when I started with Stroms. They didn't have the vibration or ugly issues that Givi had/has, so I've kept with them. I think I've installed.. 4? new pairs on my own bikes, plus some on others.
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