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no, no I guess not
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Tedder thanks for the info, I'll try to get a hold of Erik tomorrow at TT . I got a month yet before I head north, installing the guards, putting in a new battery and mounting a new front Tourance are the last big bits of bike prep left. I've wanted to see the Arctic Ocean since I was kid, and to be able to ride the Dalton, too cool. My mom lives in North Pole, when I told her I was riding to Alaska this summer, she made sure to warn me to stay off the haul road, seems like when I visited in the past ( didn't have a bike then ) many of the locals who had never even been to Deadhorse made a point that it would be certain disaster to travel the "haul road" but from what I've gathered from ride reports if I use common sense and allow myself enough time it's achievable.
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