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LDComfort cooling sleeves vs the LS shirt.

Originally Posted by Rapid Dog
Watch your vid, it's very convincing. I'm a little cornfused about the pitch from LD though.
They sell the sleeves as to be soaked in water first, but the helmet liner and regular clothing isn't 'mentioned as wet wear'.
Isn't all the LD stuff the same material? Or are the sleeves something different?
Lemme know, I'm ready to order from GO-AZ.
The sleeves are the same material as the rest of the LDComfort garments. When I ride long distance I use the sleeves on the long sleeve shirt for my cooling. The special cool sleeves are for the comuter who wants to remove the long sleeves when they get to their destination. They both work the same. I have used the LDComfort Long Sleeve Shirt in the Mojave Desert in temps up to 120 degrees. That shirt IS my cooling garment. If I were on a short comute, I would use the cooling sleeves. Make sense?
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