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Anamnesis from north of the Alps:

Not less than 11 Cooltours’ friends have signed in for this years “…for friends” tour. Not too bad at all as I think.
Quiet a while I was trying to manage the idea of travelling down to Italy in such a big (invaders)group of motorcyclists. It can be a problem, riding in a group of 11 motorcycles between insanely driving Italians in their Fiat-, Alfa and also German supertanks, fighting against invaders which everybody is who is not seen in the mirror. Not because of any patriot feelings btw, but much more because of a thing which is wide spread in southern countrys, mainly amongst young, testosterone-driven Italian male for sure. The thing that makes it so dangerous on Italian highways is called “Machismo” and is far more powerful and dangerous than any other weapon on the planet.

So the task to solve was, finally infiltrating Tuscany with such big group of motorcyclist, all the long and tough way through northern Italian bulwark and shield of millions of machos. Not an easy task at all, many sleepless nights for me in advance!

But, as closer the day of departure came, as smaller the group turned.
First to reduce the troops was nervelessness. Hannes and Fredy definitely hooked off short termed; Weather forecast, for theme, was just too unsafe and risky for such undertaking. So the squad was dulled still before the start of mission.

Next to hook off at least for the dangerous and long transport to Berceto, where we was supposed to connect with the local guides who supposed to be backed up by some northern specialists, was Rudi and Maya.
They suffered kind of some heart disease and therefore decided to leave homebase some days earlier than the rest of the team. Their plan was to cure that disease in some romantic place just somewhere in northern Italy, later on connect with the forces in Berceta too at D-Day.

Olee usually joins the team from a very remote, secret place. Connecting with him was scheduled to D-Day on a secret time and place somewhere “south”.

The next to hook off was Tim and Daneille. They decided to not show up at the meetingpoint in time, only minutes before the agreed time. Some inner voice must have guided theme and motivate them because of security-reasons to spontaneously change meeting point. All successful agents do things like that once in a while.

Furthermore there was an agent accelerating the scene from the west. Strupy took his way over the French Savoyes and Liguria down to Tuscany. His goal; gathering forces for the upcoming task. The only thing he anyway was gathering was plenty of kilometres on the odometer of his motorbike.

Martin managed to leave prison earlier than expected. So he decided to immediately ride southbound, making a detour through the dolomites to get a special training in cutting; Curve-cutting! Later on the whole undertaking we found out, that he’d better have worked that bunch of days longer in his job as a locker, and invest the money he’d made with that immediately in a pair of sharp weapons, say, tires.

[Please note the colour of Martins camouflage suit]

So what started as a scary, hard to maneuvering crew of allmost a dozen ended up to be a trio. A trio though, made from the hardest, best, roughest and, most important, fastest on two wheels that you can find north of the Alps. Thorsten


and myself!

Anamnesis closed.

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