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Acerbis vs HDB trial

My set up with HDB is on the right, my son's set up with Acerbis on the left.

After 8 days of riding (and crashing) in Utah in May, I can say, unequivocally that hands down, HDB is a superior product. Acerbis bars bent on some of the falls, interfering with the clutch or break levers. In addition, the standard mirror on the Acerbis bike broke off the clamp that holds the mirror to the handlebar/clutch. I crashed a few times with the HDB mirrors in the open position and they simply folded back. Visibility on the highway was as good as with original mirrors. In addition to protection, of course, the look is way cooler, in my opinion, and the switches/powerlet/ram-ball options for the top clamp are very convenient.

Also, Paul of HDB is very responsive to emails, inquiries, exchanges, questions, etc. Customer service is outstanding.

Overall, worth every penny. I highly recommend HDB vs Acerbis.
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