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A very nice video again, definitely worth the wait. Youre giving me similar ideas. I'm not sure I'd be as good/confident talking to a camera though. I loved that scream/noise in the middle of it. Brilliant.

Youre really not joking about moving at pace, do you know what speed you got up to there? It looks about 90 mph!

Youre right about the balance thing, take a look at any Dakar 2009/2010 youtube of Marc Coma, and you will see he is flying along bent over his bars, with elbows flared in the attack position; you know elbows up. This is probably why you didn't feel so bad on the Monday either. When youre going fast you have to lean basically over the front of the bike - a cool feeling, but watch out for rocks! I found that after 4-5 hours of riding like this my back got really sore. So in gym, Im working the back and gluet's and this made a big difference to me.

One question though: How can you do whoops like that? I normally hang back on the bars in that situation and gas it, but it tires me out really quickly. Maybe you have a couple of pointers for me on that one.
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