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Originally Posted by Master
Somewhat offtopic Question:
I'm considering switching my ktm 990 adventure for a 690 enduro to get a bike that is somewhat more dirt oriented. I use my bike to get to work on a daily basis and do 70 kms of highway twice a week. I also use it to go on holidays (luggage!).
Since you own or have owned both, could you tell me if the 690 is up for the job? Will it do everything the 990 does?

Nice mod btw!
The stock 690 is a great bike which will easily handle the work you have described. Having said that it is set up as an Enduro so needs a few mods to make it more user freindly for longer voyages.

The stock seat for example is designed for lots of standing!! so the comfort levels when sitting down for any lenght of time are serverly reduced.

The stock 690 will do some things better than the 990, single tracks, tight corners, rock climbing to name a few, but is not set up for road touring. Hence the reason I "adventurised" mine. You anint gonna get that rush of power when you roll on the trottle that you get on the 990, but don't get me wrong the 690 aint no slug!

It is difficult to compare the two bikes because each is very capable in its own right. For me I would still have my 990 if not for a leg injury which nesessitated a lighter bike. The 70kg difference plus the KTM build quality, power, looks, performance etc was enough to sway it for the 690 for me. There aint a bike in its class that comes close to it.

Lastly, there are some who have had problems with their 690's (you can read about on the 690 Thread) but by far the majority of 690's sold have been fine....there are always duds in any machiney production. If you want a 690 take one for a spin is the best way to make a decision....for my money though the 690 Adverturised is pretty close to the perfect adventure bike .....for me....but I loved my 990....but the 690 is cool azz...but so is the 990....
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