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Originally Posted by eatpasta
what's it like riding...... ON THE MOON?

I can tell you it felt like the moon! Except a little less gravity would hve made it nice!

Thats awesome that you know that you are becoming a better rider all the time - riding stuff like that WILL make you a better rider.... or it'll kill you.....

and YES we would like to see some video! make a 5 minute movie for us!

I have to admit im jealous that you are progressing much faster than I am. However, I am also very VERY excited to watch you race in this upcoming rally!!

you're going to do great!!!
Sheesh, you make me sound like a rockstar but the reality of it is that Im no different from you, apart from that fact that youre definitely faster looking at your video!

I think I have enough footage to put together two 10 minute vids.

Lemme get to it because I don't feel like working right now...
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