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Originally Posted by LukasM

All you ever wanted to "achieve" was 14.7 and now 15:1 would seriously overheat and damage the bike.

If you really have still not understood it, you don't tune for ONE specific number, and 14.7:1 is not known and has been known for decades to be the perfect air/fuel mixture for gasoline-burning engines - unless you are talking about emissions.

Like I said from the beginning, you tune for load/throttle position, going from slightly lean at cruising RPMs (where it will not damage anything) to rich under full load (to produce max power and protect the engine from detonation and overheating).

Now please stop posting more BS, or at least read through the previous replys as we have been through all this already.
OMFG Lukas, seriously. You're not reading what I'm posting. You're the classic case of someone who constantly talks but doesn't listen.... always thinking about what you're going to say next instead of listening to what the person in front of you is actually saying.

I have NEVER said that I EVER want to achieve 14.7:1 at all times under all throttle positions and under all loads and conditions. We all "shoot for" 14.7:1 is all I was saying. So yes, we've been through this. You're the one who's not getting it.

Mods, please nuke this thread.
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